Of course today isn't Thanksgiving... :) But since no one was in the office yesterday, I couldn't get this VIDEO out to you in time, but nonetheless, the message I share in it is very important...
Making BIG life changing decisions can be difficult, but here's a little exercise that I do to help make these choices a bit easier... Feel free to leave comments below the video.
Some of the BIGGEST reasons I invest in land over houses is because it offers amazing cashflow, you can flip it for $10K-$20K fast, and you never have to deal with tenants, trash, or contractors... Feel free to leave comments below the video.
I just sold a piece of land FROM Maui, Hawaii! I bought the land for $2,000, sold it for $10,000 with a $514 down payment and $200/month for several years to come! I talk about it in the video below... Feel free to leave comments below the video
SORRY! You missed the special Father's Day sale. To still get this program call Us at 602-712-0182. Sometimes we have duplicate orders and might still be able to get you in. But no guarantees.
Note: Show Your Appreciation By Leaving A Thankful Comment Below About Your Mom. Today is Mother's day. And as my daughter grows bigger and bigger (she is 8 already) I am starting to appreciate this day more and more... Back in the days when I was younger and before I had my own daughter, I didn't really think much about what all moms do.
This week, we held a very informative webinar covering the art of owner financing. A strategy known by many, but mastered by very few… Owner Financing, is still one of the few strategies left where an investor can buy a house using none of their own money, and cash out BIG in 3 ways… - Down Payments (Cash you get to keep) - Monthly Cashflow (in the form of payments) - And at closing (Large lump sum payment) This is easily one of the best ways to get more buyers, and sell your properties FAST in practically any type of market. Watch the video below to learn from one of the best…