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Sorry if I come across a bit harsh in this blog post. But I need you to step up (if you haven’t already) and take charge of your family. They rely on you. They look up to you They draw their self-confidence from you If you suck, their will think they suck If you are a role model they will believe they can too. I need you to be honest about that.

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Jack announces winner of the iPad contest! Congratulations to everyone that participated.
Perhaps few words in the English language can get as strong a reaction as the word "debt".
  • Consumer debt makes families feel like a chuck of their their paycheck each month just disappears.
  • Debates rage about the ethical and moral implications of declaring bankruptcy.
  • Financial gurus make a big deal of cutting up credit cards on stage to "free" their audiences from the evils of owing money.
What about you? What are your thoughts on "debt"?