For years now, I have been putting on live events, hosting webinars, and selling educational programs – all of which revolve around real estate investing. In particular, I have established myself as an expert in the area of tax delinquent real estate, and I continue to do deal every day of the week using the very same methods that I teach.
I can stand up on a soap box all day long and try to convince you that my programs really do work. I can show you documents from recent and current deals, I can show you pictures of the house that my deals have purchased for me, and I can post pictures from the vacations that my investments pay for. But I don’t think that will really convince you, will it?
If you went to college, then you know that it took a little while before you got to see the benefits for all your hard work. You don’t get the diploma for at least four years, and you won’t pay off the student loans for an even longer period of time. Yet many students diligently persevere, knowing that the reward will be worth their hard work. What about my programs? How long does it take to see success?
This week on my blog, I am sharing student testimonials that prove my programs really work. My last post was about how easy it is to get started with my programs, and this one is about how effective the methods are for getting in touch with potential sellers.